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When you hire a dog walker, there is no longer a need to rush home to walk your dog. GFU provides care rain or shine! Gone are the guilty feeling of leaving your dog caged or alone all day. Walks are a great way of maintaining behavioral health by establishing a routine and draining excess energy.

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Dog Walkers, Drop in Visits and & In- Home Pet Sitters... Good Fur U Offers Exactly What Your Pet Needs!

Hiring a dog walker yields amazing benefits for both you and your pet. We help to keep your pet slim and trim by providing regular daily walks. These daily walks burn excess energy and provide mental and physical stimulation for your pet. Your dog gets to see, smell, feel, and hear new and interesting things when out for a walk.  This stimulation often includes daily socialization by encountering new people or other dogs while out on our walk.  ​As pet parents, we often go about our daily routines and forget that these opportunities and chance encounters are a highlight in our dog's otherwise mundane day.  As an added benefit, the release of your dog's excess energy will result in a much calmer dog at home.  A tired dog is less inclined to chew, bark or have other undesirable behaviors in your home.  

A Dog Walker or In-Home Pet Sitter gives you peace of mind that your dog is well cared for, even when you aren’t at home.  For more information on In-Home Pet Sitters please see our pet services page. 

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What We Offer:

We provide in-home pet sitting services to ensure that your pet can maintain their regular routine in your absence. They are showered with love, attention and ample playtime.  We also attend to your household needs such as mail pick-up, turning blinds, and watering plants. See our pet services page for more information on pet sitting services. 

Good Fur U offers 60 minute in-home traditional dog training lessons or our popular walk n' train.  During walk n' train sessions, dogs learn basic skills as well as fun tricks and behaviors.

Good Fur U offers pet sitting, dog walking and dog training services to Plainfield IL and surrounding areas. 

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