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Here at Good Fur University we don't just believe that your pet is family, we act like they're our own. Our team of pet care specialists are pet first aid and CPR trained. We are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluators. We will provide the best dog training, dog walking, and pet sitting services in the Plainfield, IL area. We care about the Plainfield community and want our family to know the best businesses in the area! We look forward to helping you and your pet achieve the most rewarding relationship possible!

Pet Care Seasonal Tips - Summer 2017

As recommended by: the American Veterinary Medical Association

  • Never leave your dog in the car.  
  • ​Make sure that your dog has unlimited access to fresh water.
  • ​Make sure your dog has access to shade when outside.
  • ​Take walks during the cooler hours of the day
  • ​When walking, try to stay off hot surfaces (such as asphalt) because it can burn your dogs feet.
  • ​If you think it's hot outside, its even hotter for your pet. Make sure your pet has a means of cooling off.
  • ​Keep your dog free of external parasites (fleas, ticks) and heartworms (internal parasite) – consult your veterinarian about the best product for your pet
  • ​​Consider clipping or shaving dogs with long coats (talk to your veterinarian first to see if it's appropriate for your pet), and apply sunscreen to your dog's skin if she or he has a thin coat.

Good Fur U offers pet sitting, dog walking and dog training services to Plainfield IL and surrounding areas.

We provide care FUR ALL YOUR PETS NEEDS. 

* We offer multiple visits per day.

* There is no penalty for cancellations.

*Bi-weekly payment options available for walking services. 

Why put your pet in a unfamiliar boarding facility, when an in-home pet sitter can provide care in the comfort of their own home?  Many pets even develop stress related issues while in a pet boarding facility. By working with an in-home pet sitter, this means you can enjoy your travels more by worrying about your pets less. Your pet sitter will keep you updated by sending you a report after every visit. To learn more about our pet sitting services, please visit ourPet Services page.

We also offer dog walking or our popular walk n' train.  Both of these dog walking options will provide excellent physical and mental stimulation for your dog. A dog with adequate exercise and stimulation tends to have fewer behavioral issues and makes for a much better companion.  Your dog walker will update you after each visit by sending a report to your email (or text message if you prefer).  Visit our Dog Walking page for more information on the services our dog walkers provide. 

Interested in dog training services? At Good Fur U, we use positive reinforcement methods.  Our methods include lure reward training as well as capturing and shaping behaviors. Please visit our Training page for more information.  If you have questions regarding your pet's behavior or to find out if Good Fur U is the right fit for your family's training needs, please email our dog trainer at or call 815-919-2036.  

At Good Fur U, we provide any and all services your pet may need. We offer pet sitting and drop in wellness visits! Our pet care specialists are insured and trained in pet first aid / CPR.


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At Good Fur U our dog trainer offers 60-minute, in-home, private lessons. We teach behaviors such: sit, stay, down, come, and leave it. Need a particular behavior, just ask!

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A well exercised dog, is a well behaved dog! Your GFU pet care specialist will provide a fun, stimulating walk or run (rain or shine).  Many affordable options available for your family's needs


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